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Black Powder Gin

76 Windrush Rum

76 Windrush Rum

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Black Powder is incredibly proud to support this year's Windrush Festival taking place at Preston's Avenham Park on the 23rd June.

76 RUM

76 Rum, with its poignant postcard keepsake design and wristband, has been specifically created to celebrate and honour the rich cultural heritage and significant contributions of the Windrush Generation. The festival is a vital opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the profound impact that Caribbean Immigrants have had on our society, from enriching our cultural landscape to contributing to the local economy and public services. Supporting the Windrush Festival is about standing in solidarity with a community whose history and experiences are integral to the fabric of our nation. It's a commitment to fostering inclusion, understanding, and respect for all cultures and histories that make our society diverse and vibrant.


76 Rum has its roots firmly in the Caribbean given it starts life as a white rum distilled at the Clarendon Distillery in Jamaica. On its arrival to Black Powder Distillery we then turn the white spirit into a moreish and decadent tasting spiced rum that has notes of toffee, chocolate, coconut, orange and vanilla. A beautifully smooth and very drinkable rum either neat or with your favourite rum mixer. We prefer over ice with a measured amount of Cola and slice of lemon


The Windrush Festival is a charitable organisation that is also sustained by a remarkable outpouring of goodwill, with countless volunteers, generous sponsors, and enthusiastic participants all contributing to its success. For our role, not only will we be presenting 76 Rum to the Elders on the day we will also be contributing 20% of all bottle sales back to the festival to help support future events.


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