Black Powder Gin Survival Kit

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Our "Stay at Home Survival Kit" provides all the essentials to help keep your sanity and maintain some calm equilibrium whilst the world around us is just a little bit out of sorts - no need to pop to the shops as we have the gin stuff you need right here and better still, it’s substantially discounted!

Our kit includes -

  • 70cl bottle of gin - choose from our extensive range OR alternatively choose 3 of our 20cl stacking gins

  • 5 Fevertree Indian Tonics

  • 2 x Black Powder Gin Branded Copa Balloon Glasses in gift box 

  • Black Powder Gin Branded Tote Bag 

  • 2 x Black Powder Gin Branded Flashlight Pen and Stylus

Please note you will need to include your gin selection at the CART page. There is a box underneath the first line item titled “Special Instructions To Seller” where you can type in your preference. Please navigate our website to explore our range of products.

If gin isn't your thing don't worry as we also have a RUM GARDEN KIT - click on the image below for details