Christmas Cracker

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In spite of everything this year, we're determined to keep the Christmas spirit tradition alive with our very special collection of Luxury Christmas Crackers!

Inside each beautifully decorated cracker you'll find four very special treats:

  • A mini bottle of our naturally spirited gin or gin liqueur. Each double measure offers just the right amount for a perfect serve and moreover, comes in our striking new Black Powder branding. Full of flavour and bursting with genuine spirit, you'll have the perfect treat to sip and savour whilst relaxing after your hearty Christmas dinner. 

(Use the drop-down box above to select either a Gin Cracker or Liqueur Cracker Please note flavours will be selected at random but if an order comprises more than 1 item we will ensure there is a mix of flavours)

  • A mini, signature Black Powder scented candle comprised with a blend of cedarwood, tobacco and dark honey. Our candles are poured on-site by our independent chandler, Blenheim Candles, and are made using only 100% soy wax and have 100% cotton wick for a guaranteed long burn time. Importantly, they are made using only the finest essential oils which helps to promote relaxation and well-being - just what we all need at Christmas time!

  • A multifunctional branded Black Powder pen fitted with a handy stylus and flashlight. Our pens offer a stylish and contemporary design that offers more than just writing functions.

  • A £5 discount voucher which is redeemable on any 70cl bottle of Black Powder gin.